How To Learn Marketing From Competitors In Order To Gain Success

Marketing strategies used by big brands can be followed for gaining success in the industry. Any marketer’s job certainly not finishes and whenever it is about to analyze your competitor nothing is truer than that.

If you are following your competitors lead it’s important to follow each aspect of their marketing strategy from their packaging to promotion and advertising to social media activity. Easy way can be adapted to track the competitors without spending much time and money. There are so many methods to keep track of your rivals move simply and effectually.

Deren Baker at is explaining in this post how you can use data analysis to beat marketing competition:

Beat the Marketing Competition With Data Analysis

Deren Baker

Many experts think that massive collection and analysis of data is the way to retain customers, but in reality, data’s not enough. And while the field of analytics is continuously growing, only 31 percent of CEOs, according to one study, said they felt confident that their organizations were in the top tier of data analytics users.

What’s all this data for? Most companies use it to evaluate performance and optimize programs, but many struggle to determine which data subset is most valuable for understanding consumers and pushing them through the conversion funnel.

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Among many ways sign up for Google alerts can be used where competitor’s updates can be gained online. You only have to sign up and select for what you want to be notified. You can also keep in contact with your competitors with the help of social media.

Also take a look at this post by Emma Derbyshire at about Digital Marketing competition:

The Digital Marketing Competition Stakes: Your True Rivals

Emma Derbyshire

‘Reinventing the wheel’ is a term we frequently use here at Zazzle HQ. Creativity isn’t always about coming up with brand new ideas every single time; (thank goodness – it would be almost impossible to come up with brand new ideas when so much content is created and consumed online in today’s digital era).

Instead, we know that successful content already exists. So, part of our work involves thinking about how we can recreate successful content in another way to make it the best piece of content of that type across the web.

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Like and track your competitors on social networking sites like at Facebook, Twitter and so many other social networks. Keep track of key leaders and the brands to see what they are doing. In order to learn marketing from competitors you can enroll in your competitors mailing and promotions.

This video by Evan Carmichael will help you understand some marketing strategies:

You can sign up for getting updates on the direct marketing campaigns through e-mails. Turn into a regular customer and you can keep regular track of what offers are being provided and how they serve customer’s needs. can also help you in beating market competition effectively.